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The company asserts to manage more than seven million domain names for its around three million customers.

Namecheap started in 2000 as a spot to get domain names easily. And in 2007, in addition they added web hosting services. They supply among the most comprehensive ranges of web hosting plans available, today. So this Namecheap hosting review is meant to help you get a better sense of these web hosting services.

This NameCheap hosting review will focus entirely on the web hosting services they supply, while they also do great things in the domain name market. You are able to check out my other post dedicated to NameCheap review for domain names, if you want to find out more about getting a website name. For the time being, let us continue with Namecheap web hosting review:

Namecheap Hosting Review :

This NameCheap hosting review will focus entirely on the web hosting services they supply, While they also do amazing things in the domain name market. You can always check out my other article dedicated to NameCheap review for domains, in the event you would like to find out more about getting a domain name. For now, let’s continue with Namecheap web hosting review:

NameCheap’s hosting services hit from the park. Here are several of their best features.

    High Performing Servers

They join impressive performance and features with affordable prices. They are still very budget friendly although the prices aren’t as low as several of another ultra inexpensive services that you can find and their plans at each level are filled with services and amazing characteristics.

A lot of them are going to run as much as 50% quicker as a few of the competitors as far as their common plans go. Even the standard plan already offers the ability as well as infinite bandwidth to host up to 3 sites.

    Amazing Common Server Strategies 

I really could easily write a namecheap common hosting review that focused only on their shared hosting plans. For even small to medium companies, a startup, and an individual, these plans are truly fantastic spot to start. The reason they are able to offer a 100% uptime guarantee and such fast servers is the means they approach hosting.

They use the Dell server technology that is most current and their control panel is just one of the best & most intuitive to use in the planet. And to top all of it off, their servers are some of the most private and safe which you can find.

    Bunches of Scalability

Another thing to love about them is just how scalable they’ve been. Not only do they provide a huge selection of different web hosting plans nevertheless they make it as simple as possible to upgrade when you’ll need more information or maybe more power. You are able to update at any given time so that you don’t need certainly to wait for the following billing cycle.

This implies that if you are expecting a big spike in your site’s traffic to hit in the next few days, you can certainly update your strategy and have it able to go so that your site can manage the increase in traffic! Within their business SSD strategy, you are able to host as numerous sites as you want while only paying $19.88 per month! This is really one of the most remarkable offers it is possible to locate.

    Wide Assortment of Services

But enough about servers that are shared, what can namecheap do? For one, they’re able to also host private electronic mail. And this is just another event where I really could easily right a total namecheap e-mail hosting review since this isn’t merely a harder service to good but namecheap does a superb job. Is very protected and exceptionally dependable.

    Great Customer Support 

And if you’re looking for support, you are getting it.

As with absolutely any web hosting plan, about “endless bandwidth” using a grain of salt, you do have to take those claims. An improved method to describe it’s “unmetered bandwidth” meaning they aren’t going cap and to measure your bandwidth. However, if you’re on a server that is common, you have to keep in mind that server is being shared by you with lots of other customers.

Luckily, namecheap offers plans for those servers that are more powerful, also!

Strategies Offered

With numerous strategies which are each appealing in their own right, you ought to take a look at the different varieties of plans they provide. Below, you’re able to see a brief overview of their shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting plans.

    Common Hosting

In the low end, you and you get 20gb of storage and unlimited storage, respectively. Data transfer is infinite already in the basic plan. And also the number of websites you are able to host with a single plan ranges from 3 to unlimited!


Bandwidth limits range to 750gb from 100gb and you must remember that you’re not sharing your VPS the same manner you share a server that is common, while that might seem as a step down in the endless bandwidth on shared plans. And that means you get more control, way more power, and better functionality.

    Dedicated Hosting

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That is the most effective and dependable (but also most expensive) kind of server you’ll be able to use.

But for that price, the hardware and software that compose the server are dedicated to you plus your needs— just a dedicated and dependable server, no sharing, no virtual networks. You can also decide to self-handle the server in the event you need added control!

In the event you ever require more flexibility and power as it pertains to web hosting, then we just have the appropriate recommendation for you…


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