[Reliance Jio News] Reliance Jio Withdraws Summer Surprise Offer

Jio Summer Surprise Offer Withdrawn, Jio Summer Surprise Offer Cancelled, No Jio Summer Surprise Offer, Jio Withdraws Summer Surprise Offer.

Important Update : Jio Summer Surprise Offer To be withdrawn in next few days. So recharge it now. There is not any exact date mention. So to be on safer side, Recharge it now ? 



    What is Jio Summer Surprise Offer News ?

This is an extremely bad news for Jio Users. Reliance Jio has cancelled the Summer Surprise Offer that has been declared on 31 March. Now users who recharge with any plan or Rs 303 99 isn’t going to get data that is free for three. Additionally see the faq to get a better notion.

Reliance Jio has declared that it’s decided to withdraw its Jio Summer Surprise offer in accordance with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) guidance.

Nevertheless, Jio customers that have subscribed to the offer before its discontinuation will remain eligible for the benefits that are complimentary.

    Why Jio took this step ?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has advised Jio to withdraw the complimentary advantages of the Jio Summer Surprise, along with the telco has stated that it accepts this decision. Nonetheless, anyone who already purchased the Jio Summer Surprise will however continue to meet the requirements for the offer, which gives users 1GB per day of free data for three months, prior to the billing starts in July.

Jio Withdraws Summer Surprise Offer


jio summer surprise offer withdrawn, jio summer surprise offer ended

    If i recharged with Rs 99+303 but got no confirmation from Jio !

Ans. Yes. All customers who subscribe before Discontinuation will stay eligible. It’ll be withdrawn in next few days. Recharge it now. There is not any precise date mention. So to be on safer side, Recharge it now. If you recharged and got no confirmation email/sms from Jio customer care then wait for some time, everyone who recharged are getting the benefits.

    What Jio planned earlier ?

On March 31, in a surprise move, Reliance Jio which was expected to charge for its services from April 1, 2017 extended the deadline for buying Jio’s Rs 303 (and other) plans till April 15, 2017, and according to its new scheme, the subscribers who purchase Rs 99 Prime membership till April 15, 2017 with a strategy of Rs 303 or higher will be entitled to the Summer Surprise offer.

    What is Summer Surprise offer ?

In Jio Summer surprise offer : If anyone who is a prime member, recharges his mobile with Rs303 before 15th April will be getting Complementary services free for next 3 months which includes  : 1 GB Daily High Speed 4G data and 128kbps after 1GB which means 30 GB Per Month with Unlimited 128kbps speed, and Free National Calls+sms on any network. Jio Summer Surprise Offer made everyone happy again and everyone is recharging their Jio mobiles.

NOTE: You will Not get 2-5 AM Free Unlimited High speed data from 15th of April 2017.{It’s Official Announcement}


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