SEO Don’ts

You must believe Search Engine Optimization as a game between you and Search Engine to Master this. In the event that you follow rules and use various techniques in a way that is smart then you are going to function as the victor. But in case you use techniques in a way that is careless then it’s going to make you loser. Day-by-day is changing.

I am helping one to be a victor. If you’re a newcomer to blogging or Search Engine Optimization sort of stuff, this place is for you. This short article describes what Search Engine Optimization techniques you should prevent for immediate increase.


1. Prevent links from sites that are unrelated

Getting backlinks from class sites that are unrelated will penalize your site. Getting backlinks from market that is distinct subsequently yours makes your web site bad in ’s algorithm head that is google. Like – If your site is of “Blogging” market and you’ve got links that are back from an “Amusement” market, will raise likelihood of being banned by Google.

2. Don’t do Key Word Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is likely to make pages or your posts appear to be spammer site. In this post for example – “ you will receive details about seo, search engine optimization practices that are best. This site supplies best search engine optimization practices that may make your search engine optimization greatest.” Your site will be demoted by this practice in search engine.

3. Don’t use Doorway and Cloaking pages

Google demotes sites with Doorway and Cloaking pages. These techniques are fully understood about by Google’s algorithm. By using this technique may lead to becoming Penalized your site by google.

4. Prevent sitewide backlinks

As it’s going to alarm google that you will be doing something funny, make an effort to prevent this technique. You must prevent this before Penguin upgrade it absolutely was ok but now.

5. Don’t use Hidden Links or text and

Hiding links or text in your content to control Google’s search positions might be viewed as deceptive and is a breach of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Text (including excessive key words) might be concealed in a number of manners. You will be ducking penalized by this.

6. Don’t Duplicate site’s content that is other

Your web site need to possess actual content not duplicated. Your seo will be harmed by this. This will definitely prevent your web site from being rated on 1st search page.

7. Don’t link to sites that are penalized

Linking your site to some websites that are penalized will lose your position in search results and this seems extremely awful to your internet site. Never link to trustworthy sources as now, many sites that are regular get penalized due to this.

8. Don’t Take Spam blog opinions

Based on a study 90% of opinions are junk opinions. In the event that you get any comment having a link than promptly delete that opinion. Do Average every opinion in your web site. Your web site will be demoted by junk opinions in google search.

9. Don’t trust any “SEO technique” on first sight

This really is quite important things you should take care for great standing and great search engine optimization. We constantly try and get for that we strive those all Search Engine Optimization techniques which guarantees for good position in google search as well as a great deal of all-natural traffic. But to be somewhat clear, Maximum of posts/ articles compels one to use Grey Hat Search Engine Optimization or Black Hat.

Google penalizes those all sites whose owners attempt grey hat search engine optimization and these back hat and it takes over 20 days to get your web site on appropriate path after being penalized by google. So, it is best to do an instant research.

10. Don’t write low quality content

Releasing quality contents that are low can lead to a success by Panda algorithm of Google. Low quality contents includes: non insightful post, brief posts, user experience that is poor, etc.

Thus, Avoid these errors and remain safe from Google Algorithm that is new. Very best of Fortune


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